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AdWords: Improve Your Quality Score & Get More Bang for Your Buck!


^^^ This guy knows what he’s talking about.^^^ One of the first things that you learn when studying AdWords is that increasing the quality of your keywords is a free way to get a cheaper, better ad position in search results. There are three key factors that determine your quality score: 1. Click Through Rate […]

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AdWords: Where to begin?


The first thing I think about when beginning a new AdWords campaign is, What is this campaign supposed to accomplish? Besides the obvious to drive sales, there‚Äôs also lead gathering and brand awareness. So why does it matter? Answering the question about your objective will help you to determine what network your ad should appear […]

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Origin Story

No, unfortunately a radioactive step-mother isn’t how Oomph Media came to be. Ideas were brewing in Cody’s head as soon as he began his programming career somewhere around the turn of the century (this one, mind you). The ideas grew and multiplied so Cody decided to do something about that. He and co-worker/buddy Jonathan Thomas […]

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