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One of the first things that you learn when studying AdWords is that increasing the quality of your keywords is a free way to get a cheaper, better ad position in search results. There are three key factors that determine your quality score:

1. Click Through Rate (CTR)- How often a person who sees your ad and then clicks on it. Example: Your ad is shown 1,000 times and 10 people click on it. Your CTR is 1%. The higher your CTR, the higher your quality score will be.

2. Ad Relevancy- How relevant your keywords are to your ad. Keywords are the point of entry to a searcher. If you sell all kinds of bells (cowbells, dinner bells, etc.) and a user is searching for bell-bottom jeans and your ad comes up, something has gone wrong at the keyword level. The more closely related your keywords are to your ad, the higher your quality score.

3. Landing page quality- Does your ad for dress shoes link to a landing page full of hiking boots? If so, either your landing page or your ad needs work. If you sell all kinds of shoes, make different landing pages for each and create specific ads for those pages. The more closely related your ad and landing page is, the higher your quality score.

How do you find your quality score?

You can check your Quality Score by running a keyword diagnosis or by enabling the Qual. score column.

First, to run a keyword diagnosis:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab at the top.
  2. Select the Keywords tab.
  3. Click the white speech bubble next to any keyword’s status to see details about that keyword’s Quality Score.


I prefer to enable the Qual. score column as I can monitor all the scores at a glance. To do this:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab at the top.
  2. Select the Keywords tab.
  3. Look for the Qual. score column in the statistics table. If you don’t see this column in your table, you can add this column by doing the following:
    • Click the Columns drop-down menu in the toolbar above the statistics table.
    • Select Customize columns.
    • Select Attributes.
    • Click Add next to Qual. score.
    • Click Save.

In theory, you can have  a middling max CPC bid and still achieve a high ad position if you have an outstanding quality score.

Comments for this article (2)

  • This is another important characteristic to look for in an SEO Company.
    Choose a search engine position service that has the Google Adwords
    certification. Find out whether they have certifications or
    not, it will give you more confidence to work with them.

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks for the comment. And yes, you are right that certifications are important. In fact, Oomph Media has recently become a Google Certified Partner. This means that we met a list of requirements including passing AdWords tests, using best practices, remaining active for a number of days and spending. We are proud to have worked so hard for Partner status and look forward to keeping the trust of our current clients and building relationships with new clients.

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